Debian GTA02 How to get python logs, messages etc?

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Am Sonntag, den 17.08.2008, 07:36 +0800 schrieb clare johnstone:
> hI,
> My FreeRunner seems to have a dropout problem. It shows "Vodafone AU"
> and a blue bar a lot of the time, then the bar may empty, then it may
> say instead "no service" then it recovers.
> As the Debian seems to give other people eror messages and logs, I
> need to be pointed to what should be the command line for zhone to see
> such messages during or after a call.
> It does look as though the dropping out affects what is happening,
> including whether sound works during a call, but as things are erratic
> I need to be able to get some sort of reports. I am not familiar with
> use of python, please spell out what I should do.
> Also are there any other reports or logs available via Debian itself
> for this problem?

The recommended procedure when debugging problems on Debian (or on the
official ASU image, with slightly different init.d script names):

1. Log in via SSH (usb or wireless)
2. Stop zhone (/etc/init.d/zhone-session stop)
3. Stop frameworkd (/etc/init.d/fso-frameworkd stop)
4. run “frameworkd” and keep watching the output
5. Start another terminal and connect via ssh
6. Start zhone (/etc/init.d/zone-session start)
5. Watch the zhone log (tail -f /tmp/zhone.log)
7. Debug ahead!

So far, this has revealed all tracebacks to me :-)


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