Customizing official Debian

sparky mat max at
Sun Aug 17 05:35:58 CEST 2008

After 10 minutes of playing with Zhone, I dumped zhone-session for gdm and

I ran into this trouble. On reboot, it said that X was already running, and
it was trying to run it again. Snooping around, I find that
/etc/init.d/zhone-sesion and /et/rc[2-5].d/S20zhone-sesion were still around
and trying to start X. Removing these files solved this problem.

Keyboard was messy, so enabled auto-login (steps below)
1. created a user
2. Added this to the 'Daemon' section of /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
    AutomaticLogin=<user name>

Now I am looking for a MUCH lighter window manager. Xfce4 is too heavy!! :)
. How good is Matchbox/Fluxbox usability-wise and customizability-wise?
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