Debian install from Qtopia

Al Iasid aliasid at
Sun Aug 17 16:31:30 CEST 2008

(Feel free to tell me to read the wiki or list archive for an answer
to the question below - I searched but could not find.)

I'm trying to install Debian to the SD card from Qtopia on the
Freerunner. But when I run the Debian install script, I get "E: Qtopia
wants to continually access /media/card. You need to stop it with
'killall qpe' and then restart the installation!". When I kill qpe, I
can't use the terminal. And doing the install via ssh isn't an option
for me. I tried to unmount the SD card but that didn't work. Is there
a way I can tell Qtopia to stop using it? Thanks for any help or

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