Debian install from Qtopia

Jim Morris ml at
Sun Aug 17 23:58:09 CEST 2008

Al Iasid wrote:
> Yes, that's right (installng Debian to SD card from Qtopia on
> Freerunner). I tried deleting the lines from Storage.conf and
> rebooting but received the same message from the Debian install script
>  :-(. Is there a way to tell Qtopia to let go of the SD card? Thanks,

The script is looking to see if qpe is running (via ps) so stopping qpe from accesssing the sd card 
won't help.

If you can't ssh into the FR to do this, then you will need to edit the script and 
comment out the check for qpe running, AND make sure that qpe is not trying to access the sd card.

Jim Morris,

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