2007.02 ECORE ERROR: Ecore Magic Check Failed! Tut tut tut

Joachim Ott joachim.ott at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 17:28:08 CEST 2008

2008/8/19 Risto H. Kurppa <risto at kurppa.fi>

> Yep, I see this message as well every now and then and also when I try
> to restart x (and it fails), that's still visible on the screen.

Ok, it's from the /etc/rcS.d/S01exquisite. Both S01exquisite and S01psplash
search for splash=false resp. psplash=false in /proc/cmdline and as none of
them is set, both scripts start running (the boots are shown for some
seconds, then the other image comes up). I removed S01exquisite tho the
image and the progress bar look better. The other effect was that there were
2 mounts of tmpfs (/mnt/.psplash and /mnt/.exquisite). I wonder if the
latter directory is needed later at runtime.
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