[Script] Speeding up the debian booting with quiet-mode

Rorschach r0rschach at lavabit.com
Tue Aug 19 17:38:54 CEST 2008


On Mon, 18 Aug 2008 18:09:42 -0300
Joachim Breitner <nomeata at debian.org> wrote:

> Can you provider accurate measurements of the boot time? I’m surprised
> that it’s that much, but if so, I think I should make your uboot
> environment the default.

Well they are as accurate as possible by hand execution: I start the stopwatch (pressing enter with the left hand) in the same moment I press boot in the ubootmenu (with the right hand) and stop it as soon as the zhone-interface becomes visible.

quiet-mode - Time elapsed: 1:45

default -  Time elapsed: 1:54

So almost 10 seconds faster in quiet-mode! (Remember I run services you probably don't run, so your's is for sure faster in both modes than mine is but the daemons start-time doesn't change in quiet/non-quiet mode so shoudn't influence this result of ~10 seconds.)  But this result is expected. I can also report similar results for many linux installations I've done in the past on desktops or laptops. quiet-mode is always noticable faster than the non-quiet mode. 

I'll try to make a bootchart for better proving the speed-up but at the moment my installation seems broken since I tried to update it yesterday evening. I dunno if it's because I'm short on diskspace:
	debian-gta02:~# df -h -x tmpfs
		Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
		rootfs                462M  398M   40M  91% /
		/dev/mmcblk0p1        7.5M  1.8M  5.3M  26% /boot

or because a package in the repository is broken, I get the error when updating my system: 
dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/g++-4.3_4.3.1-9_armel.deb (--unpack):
 corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive <-- ???

Something I've never seen on any of my debian and ubuntu installations before! I'll buy a larger 8GB MicroSD asap and try a new installation but this can last a week or so.

> I think it’s how long uboot waits for you to enter the menu, but that’s
> just guessing.

That's not the meaning I think it has but I also don't know for sure but will investigate.

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