loosing sound on suspend/resume (OM2008.8 + zecke testing)

Yaroslav Halchenko site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com
Tue Aug 19 18:51:04 CEST 2008

Thanks guys for replies.

installed pulseaudio-misc to get pactl but 

root at om-gta02:~# pactl suspend-sink 1
W: client-conf.c: Failed to open configuration file '/etc/pulse/client.conf': No such file or directory
Connection failure: Connection refused

obviousely since I don't have pulseaudio server running -- and I am not sure if
that would be safe to have it installed since OM2008.8 doesn't use it (does

suggested apm script
http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/attachment/ticket/1599/neosleep in that bug
report is also tailored toward pulseaudio and seems to be quite evil -- stops
xserver on suspend (which imho is quite cruel workaround)

I wonder what that pactl actually does -- may be it is possible to accomplish
the same via sys interface or dbus conversation to qpe somehow?

To don't overload the mailing list -- I will follow up to that bug report. Thanks again!

On Tue, 19 Aug 2008, Steven ** wrote:

> Sounds like this bug:
> http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/1599

> Executing "pactl suspend-sink 1" prior to suspend, and "pactl
> suspend-sink 0" upon resume will work around this issue.

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