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Am 20.08.2008 um 08:58 schrieb Bernhard Schauer:

> I've read through *several* Howto's and Wikis on how to configure  
> Navit - I installed navit from OM's repository and downloaded a  
> binary map which is included correctly. But even if my GPS has a fix  
> - tangoGPS and AGPS Tool both showed - Navi does not show the  
> current location nor the current GPS coordinates to me (instead I'm  
> positioned into the middle of munich, where I don't be physically).
> Does anyone know this behaviour and/or has a solution for that?


first of all, I think, you still using the sample map.

The initial position is given by the following line:

<navit center="4832 N 928 E" zoom="256" tracking="0" cursor="0"  

The coordinates may change (these are mine).

Check the vehicle entries. If at least active is 0 then the GPS  
configured will not be used.

<vehicle name="Meins" enabled="yes" active="1" follow="1" refresh="1"  
source="gpsd://localhost" color="#0000ff"/>

I have downloaded the germany mapset from navit's downloadpage  
(quicklinks), thus this is my configuration for the map:

<!-- If you dont want to use the sample map, set enabled="no" in the  
next line -->
         <mapset enabled="yes">
                 <map type="binfile" enabled="yes" data="/media/card/ 


	If you have entered a target and the vehicle is active, navit will  
consume much CPU power at startup due to route calculation.



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