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Wed Aug 20 13:12:50 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I have completely drained my battery to the point where the Freerunner
| will not boot and hence I cannot charge it.
|>From the Wiki:
|> Make sure that the battery never discharges completely. This is an
issue because
|> the internal charging circuitry can not be turned on until the
FreeRunner has
|> booted, and booting through USB power alone does not work.
|> (If you have the newest kernel images, you should be safe due to a
software fix.)
| I was using the latest Qtopia image so assume I have the newest kernel
images as well, but I
| still have no idea how to get my phone booting again in the absence of
an external charger
| or a second battery. Ideas anyone?

I can't recommend this, but FYI I routinely use Freerunners here without
any battery by shorting USB V+ to Battery V+ pin with no battery present
The first testpoint below the USB connector marked V, partially obscured
by WLAN module, is USB V+; battery connector pin nearest the board edge
is Battery V+).

Personally, I would start Freerunner like this hooked to a lpatop over
USB, then add the battery and remove USB V+ from Battery V+ immediately
after.  But I can't recommend it and if you follow my rampaging
devil-may-care hardware schemes you get to keep any smoking craters /
severed limbs that result :-)

- -Andy
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