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Thomas Krahn thomas at
Wed Aug 20 17:53:10 CEST 2008


follow the 2 steps which you cited below.

With Automatic Login you shouldn't need to log in.
This is what helped for me too.

If you insist in having a logon screen (I don't think this is necessary 
on a OM device) you will need to add a launcher for the matchbox 
keyboard at the end of your kdm launcher script.

Once you're logged in, you can access the matchbox keyboard from Start > 
In my version Zhone wasn't completely de-installed, but it could be 
launched with STart > Office > Zhone.

I didn't test the functionality however because I don't have a working 
GSM card right now.
I'm stuck with Verizon right now and I don't want to switch to T-mobile 
before they come out with their Android phone.

I am absolutely happy with my xfce4 desktop. This is what I was thinking 
about when I bought my OM Freerunner.
For a basic finger friendly phone I launch OM2008.8 from the flash and 
for the real stuff I have Debian on a 8 GB card.

After a little work things start to get interesting.

BTW I needed to format the boot partition in vfat. EXT2 didn't work 
because the modification of the u-boot_env nearly bricked my Freerunner.
For some reason the modification script wasn't able to modify my 
environment section. I got size differences and consistent crc errors.
Flashing the OM with the corrupt environment fas fatal. Thank goodness I 
saved my old environment file so that I was able to recover it.
Now I have vfat on my boot partition and everything works fine.


C R McClenaghan wrote:
> Following your lead several days later, while installing xfce4 and  
> gdm, zhone-session, frameworkd and several other FSO components were  
> uninstalled. What are you using for a phone application? Also, with  
> the referenced error below, how do you respond to the screen prompt  
> from GDM about X already running? I can't get a keyboard to pop up at  
> that point and there isn't an okay button to select with a stylus.  
> Coincidentally, I also can't get in via USB networking at that point.
> Thanks,
> Chris
> On Aug 16, 2008, at 8:35 PM, sparky mat wrote:
>> After 10 minutes of playing with Zhone, I dumped zhone-session for  
>> gdm and xfce4.
>> I ran into this trouble. On reboot, it said that X was already  
>> running, and it was trying to run it again. Snooping around, I find  
>> that /etc/init.d/zhone-sesion and /et/rc[2-5].d/S20zhone-sesion were  
>> still around and trying to start X. Removing these files solved this  
>> problem.
>> Keyboard was messy, so enabled auto-login (steps below)
>> 1. created a user
>> 2. Added this to the 'Daemon' section of /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
>>     AutomaticLoginEnable=true
>>     AutomaticLogin=<user name>
>> Now I am looking for a MUCH lighter window manager. Xfce4 is too  
>> heavy!! :) . How good is Matchbox/Fluxbox usability-wise and  
>> customizability-wise?
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