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C R McClenaghan chris at
Wed Aug 20 18:07:06 CEST 2008

My problem is I've rebooted before making the autologin in change.  
Don't know what I was thinking ... can't get by the GDM error screen  
and can't ssh through USB (I had edited interfaces so that USB did not  
default on).

Seems my only choice is to reinstall.

BTW - I used ext2 on the uboot partition and the "other" configure- pointed to in the wiki - I wanted a "quiet" boot.


On Aug 20, 2008, at 8:53 AM, Thomas Krahn wrote:

> Chris,
> follow the 2 steps which you cited below.
> With Automatic Login you shouldn't need to log in.
> This is what helped for me too.
> If you insist in having a logon screen (I don't think this is  
> necessary
> on a OM device) you will need to add a launcher for the matchbox
> keyboard at the end of your kdm launcher script.
> Once you're logged in, you can access the matchbox keyboard from  
> Start >
> Accessories.
> In my version Zhone wasn't completely de-installed, but it could be
> launched with STart > Office > Zhone.
> I didn't test the functionality however because I don't have a working
> GSM card right now.
> I'm stuck with Verizon right now and I don't want to switch to T- 
> mobile
> before they come out with their Android phone.
> I am absolutely happy with my xfce4 desktop. This is what I was  
> thinking
> about when I bought my OM Freerunner.
> For a basic finger friendly phone I launch OM2008.8 from the flash and
> for the real stuff I have Debian on a 8 GB card.
> After a little work things start to get interesting.
> BTW I needed to format the boot partition in vfat. EXT2 didn't work
> because the modification of the u-boot_env nearly bricked my  
> Freerunner.
> For some reason the modification script wasn't able to modify my
> environment section. I got size differences and consistent crc errors.
> Flashing the OM with the corrupt environment fas fatal. Thank  
> goodness I
> saved my old environment file so that I was able to recover it.
> Now I have vfat on my boot partition and everything works fine.
> Thomas
> C R McClenaghan wrote:
>> Following your lead several days later, while installing xfce4 and
>> gdm, zhone-session, frameworkd and several other FSO components were
>> uninstalled. What are you using for a phone application? Also, with
>> the referenced error below, how do you respond to the screen prompt
>> from GDM about X already running? I can't get a keyboard to pop up at
>> that point and there isn't an okay button to select with a stylus.
>> Coincidentally, I also can't get in via USB networking at that point.
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
>> On Aug 16, 2008, at 8:35 PM, sparky mat wrote:
>>> After 10 minutes of playing with Zhone, I dumped zhone-session for
>>> gdm and xfce4.
>>> I ran into this trouble. On reboot, it said that X was already
>>> running, and it was trying to run it again. Snooping around, I find
>>> that /etc/init.d/zhone-sesion and /et/rc[2-5].d/S20zhone-sesion were
>>> still around and trying to start X. Removing these files solved this
>>> problem.
>>> Keyboard was messy, so enabled auto-login (steps below)
>>> 1. created a user
>>> 2. Added this to the 'Daemon' section of /etc/gdm/gdm.conf
>>>    AutomaticLoginEnable=true
>>>    AutomaticLogin=<user name>
>>> Now I am looking for a MUCH lighter window manager. Xfce4 is too
>>> heavy!! :) . How good is Matchbox/Fluxbox usability-wise and
>>> customizability-wise?
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