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Wed Aug 20 21:07:12 CEST 2008

Quote : "and booting through USB power alone does not work."

Fact is that on my Neo1973 it is working fine to charge with USB power
Look at the Wiki (OK I found much more infos on it since the last four
months..) ... somewhere it says (and that's true) that your Neo (I figure
it's the same thing for Freerunner) will charge at a minimal (say really
minimalistic) rate so you can be able to boot from a completely discharged
battery within hours. Here is the steps you must try :

1. Remove the battery for about 2 minutes (just to be SURE that there is no
voltage left in the hardware)
2. Replace the discharged / dead / disfunctionnal battery
3. Plug in your USB cable to your PC directly (no USB-power hub or anything.
Straight on the PC. Also make sure that there is voltage sent thru the USB
port you plugged your device into)
4. Wait! (go to sleep and come back after 8 hours of good sleep)
5. Take a breakfast and push you power button. That should do.

On my side, I got my battery busted after some hardcore bluetooth testing
with my Neo1973. Since then it seems to discharge but I cannot tell if it is
software related or not.. Since my system's flash space is almost used at
99.9% I have a lot of unconventional behaviors with my Neo. Anyways. When I
plug it into my PC tower it always boots when he reach the state of "Man! I
got enough GuRu to lift myself up!!" (read: Enough energy to boot). Then,
what happens is that for some reasons the battery do not charge so the
device ran out of power then again it boots and so on and so forth until I
turn off my PC.

So I do not know if you battery is so in deep state of usefulness but if she
got some little power inside (did you tried to test it with your tongue?)
she might just boot again!!

If not, ask FIC for another one.

Good luck!

Vincent de Grandpré

2008/8/20 Aaron Sowry <aaron at>

> I have completely drained my battery to the point where the Freerunner
> will not boot and hence I cannot charge it.
> >From the Wiki:
> > Make sure that the battery never discharges completely. This is an issue
> because
> > the internal charging circuitry can not be turned on until the FreeRunner
> has
> > booted, and booting through USB power alone does not work.
> > (If you have the newest kernel images, you should be safe due to a
> software fix.)
> I was using the latest Qtopia image so assume I have the newest kernel
> images as well, but I
> still have no idea how to get my phone booting again in the absence of an
> external charger
> or a second battery. Ideas anyone?
> Aaron
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