Dead battery

Russell Sears sears at
Wed Aug 20 22:09:45 CEST 2008

I think the fixed bug the wiki refers to is a state where the phone 
would discharge the battery while plugged into a charger...

The unbootable state is a known hardware bug.  I don't think leaving it 
plugged in and turned off will help.  It might even drain the battery 
further.  I think they're working on getting it to boot without a 
battery, which will solve the problem.

Shouldn't the qtopia image have seen that the charge was below, say 5%, 
and shut itself off?  Does / should that logic live in the kernel, or in 
a userspace daemon?  What about third party batteries (that don't report 
% charge)?


Vincent de Grandpré wrote:
> Quote : "and booting through USB power alone does not work."
> Fact is that on my Neo1973 it is working fine to charge with USB power
> alone.
> Look at the Wiki (OK I found much more infos on it since the last four
> months..) ... somewhere it says (and that's true) that your Neo (I figure
> it's the same thing for Freerunner) will charge at a minimal (say really
> minimalistic) rate so you can be able to boot from a completely discharged
> battery within hours. Here is the steps you must try :
> 1. Remove the battery for about 2 minutes (just to be SURE that there is no
> voltage left in the hardware)
> 2. Replace the discharged / dead / disfunctionnal battery
> 3. Plug in your USB cable to your PC directly (no USB-power hub or anything.
> Straight on the PC. Also make sure that there is voltage sent thru the USB
> port you plugged your device into)
> 4. Wait! (go to sleep and come back after 8 hours of good sleep)
> 5. Take a breakfast and push you power button. That should do.
> On my side, I got my battery busted after some hardcore bluetooth testing
> with my Neo1973. Since then it seems to discharge but I cannot tell if it is
> software related or not.. Since my system's flash space is almost used at
> 99.9% I have a lot of unconventional behaviors with my Neo. Anyways. When I
> plug it into my PC tower it always boots when he reach the state of "Man! I
> got enough GuRu to lift myself up!!" (read: Enough energy to boot). Then,
> what happens is that for some reasons the battery do not charge so the
> device ran out of power then again it boots and so on and so forth until I
> turn off my PC.
> So I do not know if you battery is so in deep state of usefulness but if she
> got some little power inside (did you tried to test it with your tongue?)
> she might just boot again!!
> If not, ask FIC for another one.
> Good luck!
> Regards,
> Vincent de Grandpré
> 2008/8/20 Aaron Sowry <aaron at>
>> I have completely drained my battery to the point where the Freerunner
>> will not boot and hence I cannot charge it.
>> >From the Wiki:
>>> Make sure that the battery never discharges completely. This is an issue
>> because
>>> the internal charging circuitry can not be turned on until the FreeRunner
>> has
>>> booted, and booting through USB power alone does not work.
>>> (If you have the newest kernel images, you should be safe due to a
>> software fix.)
>> I was using the latest Qtopia image so assume I have the newest kernel
>> images as well, but I
>> still have no idea how to get my phone booting again in the absence of an
>> external charger
>> or a second battery. Ideas anyone?


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