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freerunner at freerunner at
Thu Aug 21 02:30:00 CEST 2008

OK, this issue was touched on at least once in one of the "what's the
warranty" threads, but I want a specific answer:  What can be done about a
scratched touchscreen?  I have a vertical gouge from either my fingertip or
the stylus right up the center of my screen, occurred during the three day
gap between arrival of my Freerunner and arrival of my screen protectors,
dragging the Openmoko logo around the damned unlock the screen. (while it
looked neat, that has to be the most irritating 'unlock' procedure I've
ever had to endure - over, and over, and over, and over....)

Is there any reasonable way for me to replace/repair the touchscreen at
this time?  Is there a simple fix I'm unaware of that would make it less
than a visible gash in the display?  The touchscreen does not appear to be
functionally impaired at all, it's cosmetic.  (although without the screen
protector it's deep enough that stylus drags diagonally across it can get
'stuck in the groove')  But it's like having 8 stuck pixels right in the
middle of the screen - while my brain can map around it, it's always
visible, always irritating.


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