Glamo driver on Debian

Aapo Rantalainen aapo.rantalainen at
Thu Aug 21 13:44:59 CEST 2008

I tested deb from on my
dpkg -i xglamo_1.3.0.0+git20080807-1_armel.deb
No errors.
Then I restart X and did't notice any difference. Nothing brokes but
nothing works better.

There are couple of things I want to check are they correct:
A) Xglamo is x server. (like xorg is X server) [1]

B) xglamo is dedicated to glamo chip (on freerunner) [2]

C) xglamo based kdrive (xorg based XFree86) [3]

D) om2007 and om 2008 are using xglamo
D2) Debian uses xorg.

E) If I run xglamo on debian I must throw a way all xorg things. Like
touchscreen driver xserver-xorg-input-tslib
E2) What driver are om200X using then? Can I use them with debian+xglamo?

glamochip [2]
kdrive       [3]

-Aapo Rantalainen

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