USB Networking Without Iptables

Alex H. arebc37 at
Thu Aug 21 16:33:17 CEST 2008

Thank you for the advice. 

Asus decided to go with Xandros and from what I have gathered from the forums; Asus decided not to have netfilter/iptables compiled
into the kernel :(

I have found some information on re-compiling the kernel and installing
iptables so I'll give it a try. I have never recompiled the kernel before so
this should be a good learning experience. 

Freerunner & thomasg thanks for the advice. 


freerunner wrote:
> I'm not familiar with what's being distributed on the EEE systems, but
> Ubuntu and derivatives, which are rooted in Debian, use
> netfilter+iptables,
> as do the Openmoko releases, Redhat/Mandriva/CentOS, and others - every
> .deb, .ipk, and .rpm based system I've come across, in fact.  So if
> there's
> no firewall preinstalled at all, maybe the solution is to 'apt-get
> iptables' or similar and run from there.  (shipping a system with no
> firewall borders on negligence IMHO, I suspect there's something there)
> j

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