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Am Freitag, den 22.08.2008, 09:41 +0300 schrieb Aapo Rantalainen:
> Xglamo on debian does not run openGL. Xorg does.

Does it on the Openmoko images?

> What is the optimal situation with debian on freerunner?
> -Xorg with proper driver
> -same Xglamo than in om200x
> -something else
> If I want that xrand, openGL and touchscreen works what I can do, how
> I should participate, what is the destination?

Thanks for helping out! If you want me to hand out TODOs, here is what
comes to my mind:
 * Someone[1] said that you can enable xrandr for the framebuffer, but
the result was broken. You can investigate if this can be fixed somehow.
 * Based on the Debian sources at, try to compile it with
the tslib driver. Maybe Jan[2] can give you hints there.
 * Talk to the developers of the Xglamo and see if they can be helped
with creating a glamo driver module, or if they are not interested, find
how to do it and do it :-)

I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate your work,

[1] xaos x, on Mon, 18 Aug 2008 15:29:16 -0400 :
„with Option "RandRRotation" "on" you can change the orientation with
xrandr -o left but the screen wacks out, i assume cause x doesn't know
how to set the frequency or something in portrait mode in the default
Debian install. I haven't played with the xorg file enough yet to figure
out how to fix that.“
[2] Jan Luebbe <jluebbe at>
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