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Jelle De Loecker skerit at
Sun Aug 24 01:53:47 CEST 2008

There is a script on the wiki which enables you to install the full 
qwerty keyboard, unfortunately the last file gives a 404, which makes it 
rather useless.

Is there a way, other then recompiling it, to get the good keyboard back?

How does one get a dictionary for their own language, anyway? Or how do 
you get an Azerty keyboard?

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Russell Sears schreef:
> VictorSigma wrote:
>> I currently have the 20080823 openmoko-qtopia-x11-image-om-gta02.jffs2 image
>> flashed on my freerunner and it is working great. The problem is that it
>> originally comes with the illume keyboard pre-installed but whenever I 'opkg
>> update' the keyboard is changed to the qtopia version. Is there anyway to
>> preserve the illume keyboard or reinstall it after the update?
>> thanks
> rasterman explained this already.  qpe (the monolithic binary blob that 
> makes phone calls) is hardcoded to start up its own keyboard.  If qpe 
> registers its keyboard first, then you don't get the illume one anymore.
> I think the fix is to break disable the qpe keyboard somehow.  I've 
> tried breaking it's config file, but that crashes qpe, breaking phone 
> calls...  I got a bit further than that, and think I found the code (51% 
> sure...) that turns the qpe keyboard on, but now I don't have time to 
> deal with it anymore.
> If you time to mess with it, consider rebuilding qpe with this patch 
> removed:
> the diff:
> A better approach would add a config option to turn qpe's keyboard off. 
> The long-term goal is to replace it with the illume one, but OM will be 
> supporting the qpe keyboard in the near-term...
> -Rusty
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