dialer error

Michael Shiloh michael at openmoko.org
Mon Aug 25 08:09:40 CEST 2008

syed yaqoob ali wrote:
> Hi,
> I finally got the openmoko based neo freerunner phone.It's a bare phone 
> nothing comes preloaded.I have some issues .
> 1)After booting the phone with all the proper hardware(sim / sdcard / 
> batteries fully charge).I tried to make the call it’s poping error 
> dialog with messaged
> ” Dialer error : with s signature
> org.openmoko.phonekit.dialer ”
> 2) Though it is showing sms count but it is not opening sms.
> 3)couldn’t open contact book eihter.
> Regards

Hi Yaqoob,

I hope you realize that the Openmoko software for the Freerunner phone 
is still very much under development, and so we expect that most people 
who purchase the phone are developers interested in developing and 
tinkering. We encourage you to join the mailing lists (described at 
lists.openmoko.org) and to help us develop and improve the software.

If you are looking for a stable phone, you would probably be most happy 
with the Qtopia distribution. For instructions on how to do this see our 
wiki, wiki.openmoko.org.

I do hope you decide to join the mailing lists. What are your interests 
and goals with the phone? What applications do you plan to use or 
develop? What special uses do you have for the phone?

Best wishes,
Michael Shiloh
Developer Relations

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