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>  Hi Micheal,
> I work as a senior embedded software engineer . I have been working
> embedded systems and embedded linux  for  quite some time. Openmoko is dream
> come true for me n my firm as i always wanted a open mobile phone to explore
> all the possibilities of mobile technology.We have many things  on our mind
> with freerunner + openmoko . We are going to develop many application +
> utilities + system software . I have just started with phone .I need to
> prove the basic functionality of the phone .I need to prove everything that
> is possbile with openemoko. It's not just an single application or something
> t . I might need to play with kernel for new device driver or play at
> application level wiht gtk + or other UI option available.
> Anyways could you guide me on my issues.
> Regards
> Syed Yaqoob Ali
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Hi Syed,

As Micheal has already mentioned you may want to go through the wiki (
wiki.openmoko.org) a little.

After that can you let me know

1) if you are able to get USB networking working and connect the phone via
ssh and update the phone by opkg upgrade?

2) Follow the instructions using dfu-utils to flash new images?

Also Yakoob is in Hyderabad so if Sparky or anyone else in hyderabad can
help him set up the device it would be great.


Please use Firefox as your web browser. Its protects you from spyware and is
also a very feature rich browser.
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