arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Wed Aug 27 10:13:05 CEST 2008

> For some reason, openembedded and debian packages differ in the soname
> given to the tslib libraries. But I wonder if it isn’t cleaner to change
> the place where the version number 1.0 is referenced from Xglamo,
> instead changing the libts package. Check the configure script, or
> configure.ac.

well, the original name is
which is somewhat silly, since tslib _is_ version 1.0smthg.
thus i had to change the references from tslib-1.0 to tslib-0.0 which does  
not strike me as a solution whatsoever.
either the -?.? part reflects the major/minor-version -- then debian has  
to cahnge it's name.
or -?.? is rather useless -- than it has to go both in debian and the  
additionally: how is the Version line in tslib-0.0.pc used? if it has a  
meaning it should reflect the version as well, shouldn't it?

as said before, i have not the least of understanding how sensible those  
.pc files are and how they are related to the real libs, but atm it seems  
to me debian has an issue ...

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