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Wed Aug 27 10:19:37 CEST 2008

Quoting arne anka <openmoko at ginguppin.de>:

>> For some reason, openembedded and debian packages differ in the soname
>> given to the tslib libraries. But I wonder if it isn’t cleaner to change
>> the place where the version number 1.0 is referenced from Xglamo,
>> instead changing the libts package. Check the configure script, or
>> configure.ac.
> well, the original name is
> tslib-0.0.pc
> which is somewhat silly, since tslib _is_ version 1.0smthg.
> thus i had to change the references from tslib-1.0 to tslib-0.0 which does
> not strike me as a solution whatsoever.
> either the -?.? part reflects the major/minor-version -- then debian has
> to cahnge it's name.
> or -?.? is rather useless -- than it has to go both in debian and the
> references.
> additionally: how is the Version line in tslib-0.0.pc used? if it has a
> meaning it should reflect the version as well, shouldn't it?
> as said before, i have not the least of understanding how sensible those
> .pc files are and how they are related to the real libs, but atm it seems
> to me debian has an issue ...
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I'm sure that if you report this bug (imho it is a bug ;-) to Debian  
the package's maintainer will either fix it or tell you his reasons  
for setting a wrong version.

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