FSO rox!

sparky mat max at sparkymat.net
Thu Aug 28 08:24:48 CEST 2008

I know OM2008.8 is the flagship distro at the moment, but FSO so totally
rocks. :-) . Here are the things that I liked about it

1) GPRS!! The d-bus interface makes it so much simpler/easier to enable
2) Aux button locks the screen. Screen lock is a must for me, and using the
Aux button makes a lot of sense!
3) TangoGPS by default. This is my fav. GPS app so far :-)
4) Zhone. I actually like the big and bright user interface of Zhone. It may
be only a "test" UI, but I love it. Neat and simple.
5) Terminal + QWERTY keyboard.
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