Xmoto on freerunner?

Thomas Bertani sylar1991 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 18:11:09 CEST 2008

2008/8/28 Thomas Bertani <sylar1991 at gmail.com>

> 2008/8/28 Aapo Rantalainen <aapo.rantalainen at gmail.com>
>> I too tested debian xmoto on freerunner. Deb-package missed config.dat
>> (configuration-file) and the game do not generate it. But yes it is
>> too slow to play.
>> I run system and game on the sd. It is notable slower than flash?
>> I made some testing and ripping with neverball.
>> Removed features:
>> music (all audio)
>> coin spinning
>> background
>> all reflections
>> balls transparency
>> all ligth-effects
>> menus background animation
>> Now I can move the cursor with stylus, but not click.
>> With mouse (over ssh, x2x) I can start the game. Fps counter show
>> 0,1,2,3. Yeppee. 3fps is too slow to control. Ball is moving randomly.
>> I read about iPhone/iPodTouch version. It is totally new port. It is
>> released yet? Because it must be GPL and there might be some technicue
>> to adapt to freerunners port. (It has acceleration movement)
>> Does anyone know anything its source codes?
> somebody could try to change the resolution to a lower one? try with
> 240x320, you can change it manually in the ~/.neverball/.neverballrc file

try also to set the texture compression in the same file to... 100? 0 is no
compression, more high is this number, more the textures are undetailed and
the game is fast!
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