Debian on Neo1973

Juan Cañete jcazor.listas at
Fri Aug 29 00:00:01 CEST 2008


for all of you who want to try Debian on a Neo1973, I created a wiki page
[1] explaining the proccess. It's based on the wiki for installing Debian on
FreeRunner [2]. I only can say about Debian on Neo that rocks.

The wiki links to a script,, but this link goes to
nowhere because I can't upload the script to any site and now I don't have a
machine with public access. The script is a modification of the one offered
for the installation of Debian on FreeRunner, created by Joachim Breitner
and Luca Capello. I attach the script to this mail, so please, someone who
can upload it, update the wiki.

Maybe the wiki is quite confusing because of my poor english level, so you
are free to correct it.

Best regards.

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