Debian root password

Nathan Kinkade nath at
Sat Aug 30 06:04:31 CEST 2008

2008/8/29 Zack Mollusc <zmollusc at>:
> Chris Jenks wrote:
>> I seem to have successfully installed debian on my SD card and am able to
>> boot to zhone, but when I try to ssh to root at it won't take a
>> blank password. I am able to login to 2008.8 from the same host
>> successfully. I would try to reset the password from xterm, but no
>> keyboard appears when I press or hold the aux key! Any suggestions?
> I had similar issues yesterday ( i think it was after i had pushed the
> power button to suspend and resume). As I couldn't shutdown cleanly I
> forced the power off, which broke the install, so I had to reinstall debian.
> No practical help, but at least you aren't the only one with the same
> problem :-)

Same thing happens to me, and like Zack mentions, it seems to be
related to waking from suspend.  Again, not a solution, but just
another affirmation that you're not the only one seeing this issue.
I'm going to try to troubleshoot this a bit this weekend, as it's
pretty consistent.


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