Debian-how to login without keyboard?

arne anka openmoko at
Sat Aug 30 16:33:12 CEST 2008

> I don't like this solution, cause I want a keyboard in gdm. I want to
> log in normally and things like PIN are read from other config files.

michele renda, i think, described how to get xvkbd together with gdm,  
search for "-xdm" (that's an xvkbd argument).

> I also want a screen saver to as soon as possible turn off the screen
> when the device boots. This is because it might take a while before a
> gdm or something else appears, so if you boot the device and put it in
> your pocket, you don't touch something like gdm.
> The screen would then have to be turned on with the POWER button and
> then hit AUX to pop up a keyboard to actually log in with something
> like gdm.

shouldn't be too hard technically.

> I also miss the POWER button menu in 2007.2, so I need something like
> that;). It's not always that I want to lock the device with a password
> either, just turn on something like that ball lock in 2007.2.

doesn't xscreensaver have that kind somewhere?

> The GTK applications from 2007.2, like the dialer, are being ported to
> FSO on debian, so that's just excellent, as well;).


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