Om2008.8 cannot disable auto suspend

Marcin Blazejewski marcinb64 at
Sat Aug 30 22:46:31 CEST 2008


I've just installed Om2008.8 (kernel 20080826, rootfs 20080830) on my gta02.
I've changed suspend setting via gui to 'off' but it goes to suspend
after 30sec anyway, unless I use the touchscreen. Any activity on ssh
(via usb) does not prevent it (not sure if it should). Also tried
stopping apmd, but it made no difference.
This also happens without usb connected at all. Usually I can resume
normally by pressing the power button (once or twice I had to remove
the battery).
On Om2007 I had no such problems.

Has anyone experienced something similiar?
What controlls the actual suspend? Can I configure it manually instead
of the 'Settings' gui?


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