GPS Problem (maybe antenna?)

Al Johnson openmoko at
Sun Aug 31 19:15:05 CEST 2008

On Sunday 31 August 2008, robins wrote:
> Hi List, hi Sebastian,
> I was wondering if you know, how long a position fix should take under
> normal conditions. I sometimes need more than 30 minutes, but also had the
> lucky chance of getting one under three minutes.
> So do you have any idea what times should be expected from the freerunner.
> Could you please keep us up date on how you examined yours, so we can do
> the same if we need to.

Given a decent view of the sky and a recent kernel I often get first fix in 
~40s though there is inevitably some variability depending on exactly where 
the sats happen to be. Over 5 minutes is a rarity. This is with SD present 
but not heavily accessed, and a 2007.2 rootfs in NAND. Just tried with FSO 
updated Friday - tangogps got a fix within ~2 minutes through my window, so 
performance doesn't seem significantly different with that image.

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