Making debian the default boot

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at
Thu Feb 4 09:46:22 CET 2010

A Dijous, 4 de de febrer de 2010 04:21:36, Jonathan Schultz va escriure:
> Hello,
> Since I only ever boot my freerunner under Debian I do get pretty sick
> of having to play with the boot loader menu every time I boot. It's
> especially painful when the freerunner has crashed to the boot process
> does a disk check then (usually) reboots a 2nd time, requiring a 2nd
> intervention with the boot load.
> So, what I'd like to do is make the default boot (even using the NOR
> boot loader, so the real factory default) start my Debian system. The
> obvious way to do this seems to be to put a second boot loader into the
> flash which then mounts the SD and boots from there.  But I have no idea
> how to do this. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I will put Qi in the NAND boot loader. 

It's also possible to edit the environment of u-boot NAND from debian with 
uboot-envedit and nandwrite as does (
but bear in mind that the default menu entry could boot with different vales 
than in a menu-less boot. 

It could also be edited from a PC using a cu,neocon,... when it is in the NAND 
boot menu.

The NOR u-boot and environ need of the debug board

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