Making debian the default boot

Joachim Ott jo.omsl at
Thu Feb 4 15:39:27 CET 2010

On 4 February 2010 13:51, Jonathan Schultz <jonathan at> wrote:
>> Why don't you put debian into flash and then, during boot, mount the
>> big, space consuming rest (/home, /opt, /usr/share, ...) from SD card?
> Would that work?  Wouldn't it mean you'd have to have separate
> partitions on the SD card for each of those directories?

I use symlinks to directories on a mounted partition.

I have an 8 GB SD-card with several partitions on it:

- three primary 1 GB partitions with different distributions on them
- an extended 512 MB partition used as swap
- the rest (4.2 GB) as an extended partition, to where I make symlinks
from NAND like this:

Maps/OSM -> /media/mmcblk0p6/om-maps/OSM
Multimedia -> /media/mmcblk0p6/Multimedia

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