Making debian the default boot

Jose Luis Perez Diez jluis at
Thu Feb 4 16:17:56 CET 2010

A Dijous, 4 de de febrer de 2010 13:49:37, Jonathan Schultz va escriure:
> Thanks for your thoughts. The problem with using Qi is that it can only 
> go into NAND which still means you have to push the Aux button when you 
> boot (and a 2nd time if there are file check errors).

U-boot nor -> not reachable without user acction.

NAND (loader & Qi ): runs when you not call the boot loader.

Qi defaults to boot from  first SD partition with an ext2/3 fs and  
"/boot/uImage-$MACHINE.bin" then NAND although some make it first look into 
NAND kernel.

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