How to reset the screen through command?

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Tue Feb 8 09:59:15 CET 2011

Dnia 2011-02-08, wto o godzinie 00:10 -0800, dukelec pisze:
> I'm not care which distribution, you can recommend the kernel & distribution
> which you are familiar with, thanks...
I prefer Qtmoko, because it is Debian based, has most of features I use
and looks pretty :) AFAIR I have hit WSOD only twice with QtMoko. But
remember that WSOD is triggered by race condition, thus it may be
dependant on hardware. You may suffer it more then I do.

> And, I hope you can download the video, the WSOD relieved at the end, with a
> disorder display. (many times the WSOD never relieve)
Yes, I saw this video, but it looked different than mine. It seemed that
your white screen disappeared after several seconds, and you were waking
up your device. On contrary, my device stayed with WSOD (didn't suspend)
until I have removed battery.
	You may be interested in distribution list. I hope it is actual, but if
you find some new distro you can add it to the list:

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