Freerunner as a gateway for computer

Dima Sorkin dima_nadya at
Sun Feb 20 23:12:38 CET 2011


If it seems that the below questions are general Linux WiFi or
networking questions without Freerunner specific issues/hacks, please
feel free to redirect me to relevant manuals.

  (1) It is sometimes more convenient for me to connect to open WiFi
access point with Freerunner and make it serve as a gateway (for a PC
that is connected to Freerunner via USB). How do I do it?
  (2) Is it possible to cause Freerunner to serve as a WiFI AP (linked
to Internet via USB thru PC)? How?
  (3) Cause Freerunner-USB-PC chain to act as a bridge between wireless
AP and ethernet AP?

Freerunner has recent 'testing' SHR on it.
PC runs Ubuntu 10 server, however I would prefer a more generic
explanation. PC does not have wireless adapter for itself.

Thank you, regards,

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