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Wed Feb 14 16:02:00 CET 2007

Author: laforge
Date: 2007-02-14 16:02:00 +0100 (Wed, 14 Feb 2007)
New Revision: 35

* terminate all links with a '/'
* add a bit of more sensible content

Modified: trunk/www.openmoko.org/space_www_www/index.html
--- trunk/www.openmoko.org/space_www_www/index.html	2007-02-14 15:01:39 UTC (rev 34)
+++ trunk/www.openmoko.org/space_www_www/index.html	2007-02-14 15:02:00 UTC (rev 35)
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
 	<div id="home_banner">
 		<h1>OpenMoko: The World’s First Integrated Open Source Mobile Communications Platform</h1>
-		<h2>Welcome to this portal to the OpenMoko development infrastructure</h2>
+		<h2>Welcome to OpenMoko!<br/>While we continue to work on developing both the OpenMoko Platform as well as the Neo1973 GSM Smartphone, we welcome you to this portal to the OpenMoko development community.</h2>
 	<div id="home_container">
@@ -63,33 +63,29 @@
 		<div class="column_container">
 			<div class="column" onmouseover="hoverState(this)" onmouseout="normalState(this)">
-				<a href="http://wiki.openmoko.org" class="section_wiki img_button"><span>openmoko wiki</span></a>
+				<a href="http://wiki.openmoko.org/" class="section_wiki img_button"><span>openmoko wiki</span></a>
 				<p>The OpenMoko Wiki is our centralized, collaborative effort to collect and maintain all kinds of information and documentation on the OpenMoko software platform as well as the supported devices (Neo1973).</p>
-				<a href="#">Some title</a>
+				<p>We invite the whole community to contribute to this wiki, to gradually improve and grow it with all information related to OpenMoko.</p>
 			<div class="column" onmouseover="hoverState(this)" onmouseout="normalState(this)">
-				<a href="http://bugzilla.openmoko.org" class="section_bugzilla img_button"><span>openmoko bugzilla</span></a>
-				<p>At The OpenMoko Bugzilla, we keep track of bugs as well as feature requests.
-				<a href="#">Some title</a>
+				<a href="http://bugzilla.openmoko.org/" class="section_bugzilla img_button"><span>openmoko bugzilla</span></a>
+				<p>At The OpenMoko Bugzilla is more than just a list of known bugs in OpenMoko. We use it keep track of feature requests and whislist items, too.</p>
 			<div class="column" onmouseover="hoverState(this)" onmouseout="normalState(this)">
-				<a href="http://planet.openmoko.org" class="section_planet img_button"><span>planet openmoko</span></a>
-				<p>OpenMoko Planet is an RSS aggregator for blogs of developers involved in this project.</p>
-				<a href="#">Some title</a>
+				<a href="http://planet.openmoko.org/" class="section_planet img_button"><span>planet openmoko</span></a>
+				<p>OpenMoko Planet is an RSS aggregator for weblogs of developers involved in this project.  Check this out to get access to the latest rumours and first-hand reports in the OpenMoko universe.</p>
 			<div class="column" onmouseover="hoverState(this)" onmouseout="normalState(this)">
-				<a href="http://projects.openmoko.org" class="section_projects img_button"><span>openmoko projects</span></a>
+				<a href="http://projects.openmoko.org/" class="section_projects img_button"><span>openmoko projects</span></a>
 				<p>At OpenMoko Projects, we provide free infrastructure to individuals and projects who want to develop software for the OpenMoko platform.  Just like OpenMoko itself, it is implemented using Free Software (<a href="http://gforge.org/">GForge</a>).</p>
-				<a href="#">Some title</a>
 			<div class="column" onmouseover="hoverState(this)" onmouseout="normalState(this)">
-				<a href="http://lists.openmoko.org" class="section_lists img_button"><span>openmoko lists</span></a>
+				<a href="http://lists.openmoko.org/" class="section_lists img_button"><span>openmoko lists</span></a>
 				<p>At the OpenMoko Listserver, we host all official public mailing lists of the OpenMoko project.  Feel free to browse the archives and manage your list subscriptions.</p>
-				<a href="#">Some title</a>				
 			<div class="clear"></div>

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