Openttd is now in!

Robert Schuster theBohemian at
Sun Dec 7 13:30:14 CET 2008

Hi Aapo,

Aapo Rantalainen schrieb:
> Openttd is now in!
I would like it better if the bitbake recipe changes can be moved into OE.

> It contains gpl-graphics (version alpha2). They are not all ready,
> there might be some black boxis.
Very nice!

> Enable scrolling-with-stylus:
> Advanced settings
>     ->Interface
>      -> Left-click scrolling: On (this string is not localized)

I saw that you are enforcing 480x640 display size by using the -r
argument. Could you make it work like this instead:

Add some code that tries to set does SDL_SetVideoMode(width, height,
...) and if that fails try again with SDL_SetVideoMode(height, width,
...) automagically. If that succeeds update the chosen display size and
continue, if not bail out. That way people can switch between landscape
and portrait mode and the game will alway display correctly. I added a
similar logic to KoboDeluxe. See the patches in OE for details.

One note regarding this: The OE machine description files have variables
for the display with and height. Please use those instead of hardcoding
for 480x640.

> Using scrolling:
> Point 'empty'-tile on screen and drag. (empty = anything that do not
> do anything when clicked: ground, trees, roads, water...)
Very nice patches indeed. Would you mind publishing them, too. I cannot
put them into OE without them being available
somewhere. :)

> There are no sounds in this package. (only dummy
> There are no music in this package.

> There are project to make gpl-sounds and gpl-music, I will check how
> ready they are and do them work with freerunner. And do we want that
> package is ~80 megas greater because of background music?
Same issue as with wesnoth. Solution is to provide it as an optional
package and make the openttd clever enough to work without sound files.

Last but not least: If you can get your changes to OpenTTD upstream that
would be fantastic.


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