Proposal for new mailing list was: Re: Get rid of the Buzz Re: [Android] Converting a brick into a phone

Stroller stroller at
Thu Dec 11 14:28:19 CET 2008

On 10 Dec 2008, at 19:22, Michel wrote:
> ...
> You just state what I already stated, that there is an "unofficial"  
> fix
> but not an official one, so I have been reading the archives.
> I say in my e-mail "Yes there are several soldering hacks around, but
> not one is official."
> And I know that OM will come with a warranty statement only when the  
> fix
> becomes official. I would just like that the optimization team (or the
> resources provided to them) get focused towards getting the FreeRunner
> to do what it should do from the moment it leaves the factory,  
> placing a
> normal phone call.
> It was my response to the whole distro/android discussion that the  
> focus
> should be on getting a working phone part, the software already has
> proven itself on that front, now it's time for the hardware.

I propose a new mailing list for this kinds of discussion:

whining at


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