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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello Andy,
| thanks for reacting. still have some questions if I may?

| Is the renaming needed? or can I use the origional kernel name?

It's going to check for exactly "/boot/uImage-GTA02.bin" in the first
three partitions.

|         | Then I powerdown my FR (battery out), put the battery back in
|         and press
|         | power hold it down and press AUX.
|         You shouldn't need to press AUX
| Just using power button the first line is shown very briefly and than
| the black screen again. using power button 2nd time gives me the first
| line and a blinking cursor without further action.


| Yes it is append-GTA02!

If something is wrong about the SD card partitions, it will fall back to
using the NAND kernel partition (and the NAND rootfs then).  In that
case the /boot/append-GTA02 file won't apply since you're not using the
kernel from there either.

| What can I do further, where can I find new information?

There's some information in the README file in git (click README here):;a=tree

I would add


into /boot/append-GTA02 and see if you then get the booting log on the
LCM.  If you do, you know you are booting from SD and maybe there is
some more info available.  If not, you're likely booting from NAND.

| I've been reading about git and saw a patch but I don't understand how
| to use it. Where can I find info on this?

If you want to build qi you need to install the toolchain, clone the repo

git clone git:// qi

then checkout origin/master

git checkout origin/master

and run


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