Numpty doesn't work on latest Om2008.12 release.. :-(

Anton Persson don.juanton at
Wed Dec 31 00:27:49 CET 2008


I installed numptyphysics on top of the latest Om2008.12 release... It
doesn't work.. :-(

If I run it from the console I get this at the end:
bogus level path /usr/share/numptyphysics/pause.png
addLevel /usr/share/numptyphysics/L50_nautilus.nph at 6
addLevel /usr/share/numptyphysics/L15_trampoline.nph at 3
addLevel /usr/share/numptyphysics/L00_title.nph at 0
addLevel /usr/share/numptyphysics/L35_pendulum.nph at 6
addLevel /usr/share/numptyphysics/L30_see_saw.nph at 5
bogus level path /usr/share/numptyphysics/keyb.png
gotoLevel 0
loaded image /usr/share/numptyphysics/paper.jpg
stop recording: 0 events
*** CAUGHT: image not found
root at om-gta02:/#

Any one else seen this?

    Best regards
       Anton Persson
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