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Didier Raboud didier at
Thu Oct 16 15:08:40 CEST 2008

Vasco Névoa wrote:

> I agree with you partly; the main efforts should go into getting the
> new framework out - *as long as it runs on a rock-solid core system*.
> So I support the idea of accelerating the FSO integration... but in
> the meantime people have to use the sucking Qtopia ware in their
> everyday life, because there is no realistic alternative. FSO is still
> very incomplete at the user level.
> Today, the "complete" system is not reliable and the reliable system
> is not complete at all.
> If you fix the core and qtopia now, everybody gets a working phone,
> and FSO gets a more reliable development core. You favor the users,
> which are the noisier people. ;)
> If you jump start FSO into main distro, there will still not exist a
> complete system that can be used everyday. You favor the developers,
> who could wait a little more (but not long!) and ARE ALSO USERS.
> So please just make it work solidly, and then integrate FSO. :)

Well... I would rather let a bit more freedom to the team :

if you (as in "the team which will make the iFoan obsolete") think that
breaking useability or functionality or anything else could serve the
cause : do it !

Please decide your roadmap and make it public !

I (personnally) don't care if I am not able to use my Neo as a phone (and
anything else possible) for 2-3-4-5 months : I have a working phone. BUT,
what I would like to know is _when_  I will get _what_ functionality.

I you think that breaking the whole stuff for a moment will serve a precise
goal, please do it !


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