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>Sorry, but that mail made me feel depressed :/
>Click on everything possible on keyboard, say "oh my god, i was
>blind!" and select Terminal keyboard....
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Sorry, I am accustomed to use Apple MacOS.

And now it is time for you to learn a new concept - usability!

A button should look like a button and not like some uninteresting 
weired "flat" thing.
Quote: "...
In human-computer interaction and computer science, usability usually 
refers to the elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a 
computer program or a web site is designed.
The primary notion of usability is that an object designed with a 
generalized users' psychology and physiology in mind is, for example:
Easier to learn-operation can be learned by observing the object 
[Read again: "by observing the object" - not by tumbling around 
blindly ! ]

Button usability:
Quote: "...
Anything interactive needs to broadcast its "clickability."

Introduction to Apple Human Interface Guidelines:
Quote: "...
These guidelines are designed to assist you in developing products 
that provide Mac OS X users with a consistent visual and behavioral 
experience across applications and the operating system. Following 
the guidelines is to your advantage because:
The implementation of Apple's human interface principles make the 
Macintosh what it is: intuitive, friendly, elegant, and powerful.

Quote: "...
Buttons initiate an immediate action. If a button initiates an 
indeterminate process, the button should be dimmed until the process 
is complete, and status feedback should be provided.
All push buttons should be clear in appearance


If you catched the proper notion you will think:

Oh My God - I have been enlightened! From now on I will also remember 
to think about usability and not provide my end users with nerdy user 
interface stuff, e.g. some non-button like button!


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