The "trivial" #1024 GSM fix

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Mon Aug 10 13:51:59 CEST 2009

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen <ccc94453 at> writes:
> On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 11:17:48PM +0400, Paul Fertser wrote:
>> "arne anka" <openmoko at> writes:
>> > the only time i ever heard of 140h suspend were the mail from daniel  
>> > willmann after he applied a hw fix to #1024.
>> Yes, exactly. But fixing is fairly trivial, the soldering part is in
>> fact easier than the buzz fix.
>    Yes, the soldering part. So you "only" have the remaining parts to do:
> 1) Find somewhere to buy a 10 uF SMD capacitor small enough. E.g. there's
> nowhere in Denmark I can get one. I'd need to go abroad (Malmö, Sweden)[1]
> for a shop that sells a 0805 16 V one to hobbyists or, as I'll do in this
> case, buy 20 0805 22 uF ones from Digikey, of which 18 will be used
> for the bass fix, one for #1024 and one for fun and games[2].

I admit it's easier to source the cap being in Moscow, here you just
go to a shop and buy as many as you need. But even if one can't go to
a shop himself he can ask a buddy to get the caps and send by snail
mail. I can't see how it's can make a real problem.

> 2) Disassemble the Neo not doing any damage.

Trivial, wiki instructions are very clear, and plastic clips are
durable enough. I did it the day i bought my FR without fear or

> 3) Take the can off in such a shape as to be able to put it on
> again.

Well, i did it myself during F9N (not exactly comfortable conditions!)
with a usual knife i borrowed from Daniel. Did no damage. That was the
first time i opened the GSM can. Requires a bit of patience, otherwise

> 5) Put the can back on in a reasonably good shape.
> 6) Assemble the Neo.

Both are non-issues for any man who's not disabled.

>    And the thing is, if you don't already have a soldering iron and can't
> borrow one (including someone to operate it?) then part 4) isn't really all
> that trivial either.

Having seen so many cool hardware projects/tricks/hacking devices/DIY
mods from European folks i really doubt it's that hard to find a guy
who can solder modern components somewhere nearby. Aren't there any
projects in universities that require soldering? So there're people
who know how to do it.

> Unless someone sets up a #1024 fix programme, like there was the
> buzz fix programme, the #1024 fix will likely be out of reach to
> most of those affected.

Rask, with all my respect i still can't see what makes it
prohibitively hard for most of FR users to actually implement #1024

Sometimes i'm told i'm leaving in a parallel universe. Well, that's
quite possible indeed.

>    These days, you're less likely to be punished by hanging for such
> behaviour.

I do not exactly like the analogy :-/

> But I think you should still not assume that every Neo owner has
> access to the #1024 GSM fix necessary for the 140 hour standby time.

Should i also refrain from assuming every Neo owner has access to some
*nix box? Or to ssh client? This might make sense _if_ Neo wasn't a
geek/hacker/developer device. But it is so its users are supposed to
be able to solve small riddles along their ways to freedom.

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