Litemoko, new window environment

Ali alishams at
Sun Aug 30 00:35:46 CEST 2009

On Sat, 2009-08-29 at 23:07 +0200, Michal Brzozowski wrote:
> Out of curiosity, did anyone try it? I've used it for the past 2
> weeks, and it works flawlessly. Fast, simple, and the apps run
> fullscreen. Just what I needed, but maybe I'm in minority :-)
I installed the package, made a .Xsession file in ~/ but could not get
icewm to launch. This is on shr unstable 0808 full glibc ipk (the one
recommended at #openmoko). I'de love to give it a try but haven't had
too much time to figure out whats wrong. Clearly it worked for you, are
you launching ice with .xsession? Or firing it up manually? 

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