Paroli Testing (Was: Community Updates/February 20, 2009 released)

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Fri Feb 20 23:31:32 CET 2009


Scott Petersen wrote:
> No need to wait.  I have been using Paroli as my daily phone software on
> FSO MS5 for almost 2 weeks. It has been extremely stable. A bunch of
> functionality is not there yet but the one basic thing that has "just
> worked" is as a phone. Dialing works, answering works, ringing works.

Great news! Thanks for sharing. Am more an sms guy myself so am trying 
to get that up and running right now. mind you it kinda works already, 
but I some nifty details are still missing.

> I was updating from GIT daily until a couple of days ago when the package
> in unstable became available.  I checked last night and the most recent
> package was up to the very last commit in GIT so that synchronization is
> working well.

Thanks to Angus again who has been very patient ;)

>> And again if anyone is interested in helping out with paroli, contribute
>> code or test or or or ... Let us know!
> I am interested in helping out with the project initially as a tester but
> with code in the future as I figure this is a good excuse to learn python.
> I haven't to date as there was nothing approachable or interesting enough.

I hope we can fill that void, let me now if you have questions and/or 
ideas. mirko-paroli on irc.

> The first thing I want to look at is the scrolling of contacts and
> messages. Currently, trying to capture the thumb on the scroll bar is
> exceedingly tedious. It will likely take me a couple of weeks to get
> productive as I fit this in with the rest of my work and life.

The scrolling issue comes from a bug in efl ... not sure if it is only 
the python-bindings but my feeling is it is efl itself, but I couldn't 
pin it down yet. We are going to play with the efl revision a bit next week.

Thanks again and please keep us updated :)



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