usb0 vs eth0

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roby <hariseldon78 at> writes:
> On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 8:29 AM, Paul Fertser <fercerpav at> wrote:
>     Max <max at> writes:
>     > When I plug FR it appears as eth0 instead of usb0.
>     It's on purpose and it's damn right. Search the archives. If you want
>     some kind of interface renaming for whatever reason, write an
>     appropriate udev rule.
> Everybody saying that it's right, but nobody explaining how to use
> it..  the problem is that it's not so simple to write an udev
> interface renaming rule because i don't know which interface udev
> will assign to the neo.. for example when i connect it i get eth1,
> suddenly renamed to eth7 by udev, but am i sure it will always get
> eth7?

Yes, you're sure. As long as you don't touch udev. It's the same as
with pci ethernet boards. Once you plugged it in, you'll have a
persintent name for it no matter what unless you erase/alter your udev

> The page explain how to
> setup nat and routing, but all the examples use usb0. The problem is
> that each different udev installation will assign a possibly
> different interface name to the neo, so what should one do?

So what? You just substitute the interface assigned to freerunner
instead of usb0 in all the examples, i can't see a problem.

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