How to get started with Openmoko phone?

Damian Spriggs damianspriggs at
Sun Jun 7 05:39:11 CEST 2009

> 1) Is there any particular kind of wireless carrier (in US) I need to
> subscribe to?
Any that use a SIM card. So AT&T or T-Mobile. (I use AT&T just fine)
> 2) Do I need to tell the carrier that I shall be using a linux-based  
> phone?
Nope. It's a good idea not to tell them. There is nothing that they  
need to do other than give you service.

> 3) Can I use Nextel or ATT and T-mobile are my only national carrier  
> options?
Not 100% sure, but I don't think Nextel phones use SIMs. I may be  
wrong though.

> 4) How do I get a SIM card for the phone?
When you sign up for service, they will give you one, usually in a  
free phone. All you need to do is pull the SIM out of the phone and  
install it in the Freerunner

> 5) Can I text (SMS) -- I intend on using Qtopia at the beginning?
Yep, Texting works on all major distros

> 6) Can I sync addresses etc with my desktop?
I haven't done it personally, but I've seen maillist threads  
describing the process.

> I have been using Sprint (CDMA) -- so I am quite unfamiliar with the  
> GSM world
> (and a phone that does not come with the service) -- I would  
> appreciate any
> (obvious) tips on how to get from buying the FreeRunner to making and
> receiving calls and text messages.

Your best bet would be a good, thorough read through of the wiki[1].  
There is a plethora of introductory information. If you still have  
questions, try the friendly maillists or IRC channels.

Hope this helps.

Damian A. Spriggs
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