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Sun Jun 7 21:24:07 CEST 2009

I am very happy that my ideas that I had expressed and discussed  
beginning of April (and even non-public in March)

have inspired many people: Steve who pushed for a GTA03 mailing list  
and opening the design process, Werner who now runs the GTA02-core  
project and now thank you Jon for proposals to give the community a  
new home!

IMHO, the community is now again going in the right (future oriented)  
direction and I am happy to see that.

Nikolaus by Golden Delicious Computers

Am 06.06.2009 um 18:42 schrieb Jon 'maddog' Hall:

> Hello,
> I understand that there has been a discussion on this list about  
> having
> a foundation that would represent the community of Openmoko.
> Fifteen years ago Linux International was created to provide services
> for the Linux community.  It was started as a vendor organization,  
> at a
> time when there were not many vendors interested in Linux.  We  
> handled a
> lot of legal and business issues for Linux:
> o Protected the Linux Trademark from people that would "kidnap" it for
> various reasons
> o Helped to start two certification organizations (we funded some of  
> the
> original testing work for LPI certification)
> o Helped to start the Linux Standard Base project, which became the  
> Free
> Standards Group
> o Helped to form what became Linuxworld
> o Helped many local user groups start local events, most notably the
> Atlanta LinuxFest and the Ohio LinuxFest
> We tended to split off the groups we formed, afraid that one vendor
> organization would provide too much power in a centralized  
> organization.
> For various reasons as larger companies started to show interest in
> Linux, our membership went to form OSDL, which now is the Linux
> Foundation.  Linux International as an organization has been dormant  
> for
> about five years.  I have still been spreading the word about Free
> Software at conferences, through magazine articles and media  
> interviews.
> Recently I came up with the idea of reforming Linux International into
> an "end user" organization, with the concept that no company could  
> join
> as a member, nor sit on the board of directors as a member.  Only
> individual end users could hold membership, vote, etc.  Of course  
> almost
> everybody is an end user of some type of software, so the membership
> would be quite "open".  I have been working to change the charter of  
> LI
> to reflect this.
> Recently I started another project, not a phone, but otherwise similar
> in its needs to Openmoko.  This other project will have a community,  
> be
> completely "open", and needs an umbrella organization to help with  
> legal
> work, etc.  I intend on forming a sub-group of LI for this project.
> I could offer the same to Openmoko, to be a sub-group of LI.
> Linux International is already a legal entity.  We are a
> "not-for-profit" in the state of New Hampshire, U.S.A.  There are
> reasons why LI is a "not-for-profit" instead of a non-profit (501c3 or
> 501c6) which have to do with ease of applying revenues, etc.  Nothing
> stops LI from becoming a 501c6 (501c3 is very restrictive), and  
> nothing
> would stop the sub-group of Openmoko from becoming a non-profit, if  
> that
> is desired.
> Likewise the plans for LI are to have country chapters, with separate
> boards for each country chapter.  This was planned way before the
> current issue with Openmoko, but you could take advantage of the  
> planned
> structure if you wish.
> LI would solicit sponsorships to help fund its work which could come
> from companies, but again the voting membership would be from
> individuals only.  The things that LI does would be "Open" to all.  We
> do plan on having some things we charge for, to cover costs.
> If the Openmoko community is interested in pursuing this, I would be
> happy to discuss LI's plans further with you, and how Openmoko could  
> fit
> into this.
> Warmest regards,
> Jon "maddog" Hall
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> pursuant to a license from Linux Mark Institute, authorized licensor  
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