copy a file from smartphone to pc

George Brooke at
Wed May 6 00:26:17 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 05 May 2009 14:25:23 Andreas Fischer wrote:
> Anas Alzouhbi wrote:
> > Hello!
> > I want to transfer a file from my smartphone to the pc, for exemple
> > the file name is toto4 and the username of my pc is elzouebi
> > I runned this command
> > scp toto4 elzouebi at , it created a file called
> > elzouebi at on the smartphone :(
> You forgot the trailing ':' - the command should read:
> scp toto4 elzouebi at
> (the colon is what scp uses to detect a remote location, apparently)
> > also I runned this command
> > scp totot4 elzouebi at, sender is a folder on my pc
> Is it a folder in the home folder of "elzouebi", i.e. is it
> ~elzouebi/sender ? Else you have to give the full path after the colon.
> > I obtained this error messaj
> > WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-x'
> > WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oForwardAgent no'
> > WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oPermitLocalCommand no'
> > WARNING: Ignoring unknown argument '-oClearAllForwardings yes'
> > /usr/bin/dbclient: exited: Error connecting: Connection refused
> > lost connection
> Is there a ssh server running on your home pc?
> > what should I do, to copy a file from the smarphone to the pc
> Why not go the inverse road? Copy the file from your pc with:
> scp root at .
> If you're on Windows, you can also use WinSCP for that.
Another usefull way to send files to your om is to setup a bonjour (zeroconf) 
IM account in pidgin on your phone and another on your desktop and then use 
that to send files between them (particularly good if you have different 
installs with different ssh keys and you don't want to keep editing your 
known_hosts file).
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