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Tue May 26 03:50:58 CEST 2009


Michael Zanetti wrote:
>>I noticed that switching to an 
>>empty category sometimes moves the drop-down-list down so that one cannot 
>>reach all entries.
  Yup, I'm using an empty notification area between the top row and the
buttons as of now. Bad hack! So things get pushed off the screen.
  As far as the empty categories are concerned, the user can edit categories
and remove those he doesn't want. The new binary lets you do that. In fact
you can change the categories to whatever you want. Will release an updated
ipk today.

Michael Zanetti wrote:
> The displaying of new sms and missed calls works well and also looks nice.
> It 
> would be great to insert some empty space between this and the categories. 
> Perhaps it would be even better using a new line for it.
  I will be altering the layout somewhat to get better positioning. Yes,
there ought to be space between the categories and the icons. I actually
wanted the icons on the left extreme and the category hover on the extreme

Michael Zanetti wrote:
> It would be really great to have some sort of feedback when launching
> apps. I 
> always end up starting  the apps twice.
  That's required. Still thinking of how to do it though.

Michael Zanetti wrote:
> It is not really multi tasking capable. IMHO it shouldn't wait for the
> started 
> apps.
  Missed an '&'. Should be fine with the new release coming out today.

Michael Zanetti wrote:
> Is it possible to make all entries in drop-down-lists the same width? I
> think 
> it would look way better. I also noticed this on other apps, so I think
> it's 
> an elm thing.
  Elementary does that to minimise space usage. I can pad the list with
spaces - but it may not be exact. Does any elementary guru have a better

  All feeback / ideas welcome. This is not even alpha as of now. So go ahead
with your wishlists!  

 And Thanks for all the kind words :-)
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