qtmoko v30, GPS power off

Gennady Kupava gb at bsdmn.com
Tue Dec 7 21:25:51 CET 2010

В Втр, 07/12/2010 в 21:55 +0100, Francesco De Vita пишет:
> >> Bugs:
> >> - GPS (I didn't try it yet, sorry) seems always powered on, or at least in
> >> Neo Tool it is always "GPS: 1", also after powered it off with the
> >>      
> > I will take a look.
> >    
> Update: GPS is off after a suspend. If GPS is then turned on, "turn off 
> GPS" from devtools still seems to not work.

Look like workaround.

I did some measurements on topic, here is results for whoose who is

1. kernel and bootloader perform well with GPS.
2. om (from omhacks) perform well
3. problem is that qtmoko puts gps to 'sleep' instead of 'off', but turs
off before suspend if 'sleep', so yes, after suspend it should be back
to 0.

Here is power measurements log (with multimeter on dumb battery):

test 1:
after boot ~190mA, 
turn on GPS ~238mA(+-10), 
turn 'off' GPS - same~238(+-10) mA, 
om gps power 0 -> back to 190mA. 
suspend -> 10-13 mA + jumping to 30 (deep sleep on, gps off via om gps
power 0), 
resumed 190mA, 
gps on 240mA, 
suspend 9-13mA(wtf?), 
again. resume 190mA, 
om gps power 0, 
gps on 240mA, 
suspend 57mA(ok), 
resume 250mA (checking gps: powered, serial ok), 
gps off 240mA, 
suspend 9-13mA, 
resume 190mA (om gps power returns 0)

test 2:
consumption with fix and without fix look like same.

1) gps eat 50mA, adding 1/4 of consumption with full screen brightness
and gsm.
2) gps off does nothing in terms of power consumption
3) in suspends gps eats 40mA, x4 times normal consumption
4) 'gps off' has effect of turning off gps in suspend

Hope someone will find time to investigate this deeper and review power


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